A 45YEAR-OLD MAN,Matthias Nwoko and a female relation,Angela Ihuoma Anyanwu,have met their untimely death after having bouts of sexual intercourse in Nwoko’s uncompleted building in Umunpe Umuevu,Okirika- Nweke in  Ahiazu-Mbaise LGA,Imo State,Nigeria.
Before the incidence,Matthias,a married man with wife and children who lives in Onitsha,was said to be wealthy and had a fleet of posh cars.
He was said to have travelled home at the weekend for the priestly ordination of his kinsman ,a catholic priest which was held at Mater Dei Catholic Cathedral,Umuahia,Abia State,on Saturday July 20,2013.
According to eyewitnesses, Matthias and Ihuoma(cousins) were looking hale and hearty and got entangled to each other all through the ordination ceremony with the later taking front seat of the man’s SUV vehicle even at the next day’s Thanksgiving mass held at Holy Ghost Catholic Parish,Umuevu Okirika-Nweke.
They were also spotted together at the reception which continued at the newly –ordained priest’s compound with  Mr. Matthias occasionally releasing gunshots from his pump action gun with Ihuoma  assisting with supply of cartridges and at the same time operating the musical system from the car for public entertainment.
The behavior of the two Casanovas was said to have attracted murmurings and suspicions from the  people just as some kinsmen were bold enough to caution the duo of dangers of their bizarre relationship.
It is also a fact that the late Matthias and Ihuoma were among the congregation prayed for by the new priest who earlier in his sermon enjoined people to jettison sin, shun evil such as adultery, atrocities,and iniquities or face the wrath of God.
It was also gathered that the deceased business mogul had a new fiancé’(name withheld)who was busy watching video films as she waited anxiously for the return of her fiancée’(Matthias) only for him to come back very late and urged her to go to sleep, demanding for a torchlight to see his supposed sister off.
Little did the unsuspecting fiancé’ know that the two cousins (Matthias and Ihuoma) made a u-tur n to one of the open rooms in the uncompleted building adjourning the main family house where  the generator set was kept with the corridor closed to satisfy their  amorous desire. The mother of the deceased, a young lady, sources confirmed, had called the daughter late in the night(through the phone) but the brother-sex partner answered the call instead,and assured the woman that Ihuoma was with him .
Alarmed and unstable after series of calls without response,at night and early morning,in addition to several visitors who came to see the business magnet,the fince’ embarked on search round the buildings and astonishingly stumbled on the nud bodies of Mr.Matthias and Ihuoma locked in death.
Trerrified and con fused,the finance’ alerted the brothers who were around .The mother of Ihuopma who felt relaxed that her daughter was safe in the hands of the brother could not believe  her eye when she came back from morning prayers and saw the bizarre sight.
Ihuoma had her blouse on,but naked from hip down,while the so-called brother (Matthias) was all naked with only singlet on his neck at his death.
Meanwhile their bodies had since been deposited at the Holy Rosary Hospital Mortuary, Ogbor-Nguru in Abor-Mbaise LGA while the police have commenced investigation into the matter so as to unravel the mystery behind the death.
However kinsmen,who spoke on anonymity described the scenario(incest),(sex between close relatives)as sacrilege and abomination and a curse while some believed that it was the potency of the prayers showered on the land which might have triggered off the spontaneous cleansing and the recent repercursion on the evil doers.
Cousins caught dead in the act.