Girl covers face in shame

IN LAGOS, a 13year-old girl, has testified before the police how her own father  and his friend raped her non-stop for seven years.
The thirteen-year-old(,names withheld) said that her father began to have sex with her since the very year her mother parted ways with her dad. 'It all began in the year 2006 when I was only six years old. That was also when my mum parted ways with my father. So, I was left under  the care of my dad in Lagos. He would rape me and threaten to kill me if I should reveal it to anyone. His friend who is also our  neighbor here in Yetunde Morgan Estate,Ojodu ,has also been having sex with me, even without my consent, since then.Whenever he discovers that my father has gone out either to workplace or somewhere else,Mr.Oha would dash into our apartment and forced me into sex too.He threatened to kill me if I should  tell it to anybody . My father and his friend ,Mr.Oha  have continued like this since I was six years old till date. They have taken too much of me ,so I decided to reveal the matter to the Nigerian Police’’,she further said.
Confirming the story ,the Police Public Relations Officer(PPRO)Lagos State Police Command said that the father of the girl whose name was given as Mr,Stephen Chimara Obi,42, from Delta State has refused to marry after parting ways with his wife since 2006.Rather Mr, Obi  and his friend Mr,Oha  chose to turn his own daughter into a sex machine in the house, and committed rape with the minor severally for good seven years.Mr,Obi’s friend Paul Oha from Imo State, is said to be married with two children.
Recounting further, the girl said her father’s friend Mr,Paul Oha rapes her not with her father’s knowledge. Because he too does it in secret. Whenever my dad goes out to workplace, he (Paul) would come into our apartment and have sex with me. And too, has always threatened to kill me should I expose him.Also,when my dad returns in the evening from workplace, he would mount on me and take tons of sex.He would warn that I shouldn’t dare speak out to anyone’s hearing.
The Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP),said that Mr,Obi and his friend Paul Oha,had since been remanded in Kirikiri Prisons, while investigations into the matter is still being carried on. Their case has been adjourned till November,2013 when the court would resume hearing of the case.