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26 Nigerian Women Die Every Day Of Cervical Cancer,Says Report.

More than 26 Nigerian women die every day from cervical cancer.The country is also one of the leading countries suffering from the disease including China,India,Brazil and Bangladesh,which together constitute over 50 per cent of the burden,globally,recent report indicates.
      According to Cervical Cancer Crisis Card(CCCC),which ranks countries' casualties and victims from the disease,cervical cancer kills an estinmated 275,000 women who die every year,and 500,000 new cases reported worldwide,making the preventable disease the second largest  cancer killer of women in low and middle-income countries,Nigeria inclusive
      Lamenting the rising figure,the Vice-Chancellor,University of  Ibadan(UI), Prof.Isaac Adewole said in addition to those who lose their lives every day from sicknesses,14,000 women were also diagnosed each year with the disease."Cervical cancer can be almost entirely prevented through the use of vaccines that are used around the world. Early screening methods and prompt treatment are also critical interventions that can save women's lives".
      According to the dedicators,Australia has the lowest cervical cancer mortality rate globally,attributed to its successful roll-out of comprehensive package of Human Pappilomavirus (HPV),a sexually-transmitted disease vaccines,treatment and prevention.

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