The 4-year-old twin girls

When Beatrice left home in the morning of October 1, 2013 with her twin girls, the 4-year-old twins would probably be thinking their mom was taking them out for a special independence anniversary treats.Never ! Beatrice was on a mission to sell her God-given twin babes for 75,000 Nigerian Naira (NGN) apiece. How were the girls rescued from this monstrous mother?
Wonders they say shall never end. What many would rather give a finger to have was what a woman identified as Beatrice, was trying so hard to dispose, whilst most Nigerians were celebrating the anniversary of the country’s freedom from the jaws of colonialists on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.
Beatrice, a native of Isele-Uku,Delta State, Nigeria married to a Beninoise,was trying so hard to send her twin girls into perpetual slavery. Beatrice who, lived with her husband at Idi-Oroko area of Ogun state Nigeria, was reported to have parted ways with her husband in March, 20134.
While she lived with her 4-year-old daughters at the border town, her estranged husband was said to have taken another wife, and moved out of the town.But, it was reported that once in a month Beatrice’s former husband would visit his twins in their mother’s house. The man is also reported to take full responsibility of the children’s upkeeps, albeit not to the required standard.
The husband, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, was on such a trip to Idi-Oroko on the fateful day, when he discovered that his former wife and mother of his twin girls was very close to disposing off their twins for cash. Saturday mirror gathered on the morning of that day, Beatrice left her house quite early for a market at the border.
The woman was said to have informed one Maimunat, said to be her closest friend of her plans to travel out of the town for the coming Sallah period. It was discovered later that when Beatrice left home early morning that day with her twins, she headed for the border market where she reportedly met a couple who came from Lome, Togo, to purchase the twins. Some hours after she left home with her kids, her former hubby, the father of those girls with a friend living a stone throw from Beatrice’s house, arrived the home to see his daughters, but to hear that his estranged wife had left home very early that day.
You can imagine a woman offering her twins for N150, 000.Another eyewitness told reporters that: ‘I was repairing my car beside the restaurant and I heard noise a the entrance of the of the restaurant. By the time we got there, we heard that the woman has sold the kids for N150, 000.But, the man beat the hell out of the woman before they all moved themselves into a bus and left the area’’.The Togolese couple that reportedly paid for the girls had to forfeit their money, while the father of twins took possession of them right from there. He dragged Beatrice into the bus and they all left to an unknown destination.


Mr.Yusuf Alabi
Yusuf Alabi is 53 years old; a father of four and a civil servant. He is neither a rogue nor robber. He has not perpetrated fraud either. Yet he’s cooling his heels in police custody. His crime: he has allegedly been having carnal knowledge of his two blood daughters.
Alabi,according to neighbors had engaged in this act for a long time to the consternation of his wife and family.Continuous appeal  and entreaties to him, they said had  also fallen on deaf ears as he reportedly continued unabashed. Nemesis, however,caught him on top of his second daughter humping away.
The boy,Abdul Malik ,raised alarm. But instead of feeling contrite, what Alabi did was to pounce on the boy threatening to kill him.
While parading the 53-year-old civil servant at the Police Command Headquarters in Lokoja,Kogi State,Nigeria,the Acting Police Commissioner,Mr.Augustine Evhakaivbokun,stated that  the command received information that one Alabi,was having sexual intercourse with his biological daughters.
He explained that one Abdul Malik living behind Muslim Community Secondary School Lokoja came to SIB office and reported that his father Mr.Yusuf Alabi had sexual intercourse with his younger sister and he caught them in the act.
ACP Evhakaivbokun,stated that upon interrogation, the father admitted t the crime and saying that he was committing the in order to protect the lives of his daughters .He added that his act was in compliance with the directive of his native doctor(medicine man)that in order to prevent his children dying  premature death ,he should be having sex with his biological daughters.This,he disclosed has been going on for the past 10 years. He hinted that the suspect would be charged to court for incest after the investigations. , he should be having sex with his biological daughters.This,he disclosed has been going on for the past 10 years. He hinted that the suspect would be charged to court for incest after the investigations.
While speaking in an interview with journalists at the Police Command Headquarters in Lokoja,the randy father,Mr.Yusuf Alabi,confessed that he actually committed the said offense to cure the ailment affecting his two biological daughters.Alabi  explained that he had been sleeping with his first daughter for about 10 years now but  never impregnated her  nor her sister.
The father's reaction was,however,to kill  his son Abdul Malik and the boy had to rush to the police to report the matter,thereby saving his own life.

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Sunday  Owoyemi,42-Year old blind shoemaker, who is happily married to deaf, dumb and autistic wife,Tawa,has  confessed that though they may be physically impaired ,their sex life is absolutely great, adding that they are not lacking in that area of their life. ‘Our sex life is great. She usually gives it to me real good. We do everything every other couple does (laughs).Our challenges do not affect our feelings. We’ve never had any problem in that area of our life”, he said happily.
The couple, residents of  22,Olabode street,Oworo,Lagos,Nigeria,who  had been married for what has spanned over two years was recently blessed with a baby boy christened Michael Morenikeji Olorunjuelo Oluwadarasimi.The baby born without defects is considered by neighbors as a miracle child, considering the circumstances surrounding his birth. It was gathered that the mother was rejected by many hospitals she visited while trying to put to bed, including Government health institution,Ifako General Hospital.
Narrating the circumstances that led to their marriage,Owoyemi said:”I believe God destined us to become husband and wife .I knew her many years ago and we were very close then. At a point we lost contact, but as God would have it, we came across each other in a mysterious way after about six years. It was at that point we got married. And since then we‘ve been living happily and we have no cause to quarrel’’.Speaking on how he goes about polishing and mending shoes as a visually-impaired, he said:’ it’s God. I was partially blind when I started mending shoes, so now that I don’t see at all, I still use my experience over the years to at least polish shoes and do other minor things. It’s only God that made it possible so that I won’t end up as a beggar on the streets. “God can do all things and I believe He will open my eyes one day. He has been helping us; though sometimes we don’t always have food to eat, especially with the arrival of our first child’’.
During a visit to the couple’s residence, a picture of poverty is crystal clear around them but, their home is filled with an aura of love .The husband cuddled their new-born baby boy with one hand while holding the love of his life with the second hand.
Though, he could not see the handsome baby boy he was carrying,nevertheless,his countenance was that of a man truly grateful to God as he intermittently grinned with delight.Interestingly,the abundance of love radiating between the couple has endeared them to many other couples in the neighbourhood.Adebola  Abimbola who lives adjacent to the Owoyemis,says:’’the way this couple live their life is a challenge to other couples in the neighbourhood;though physically challenged and faced with harsh economic condition they are always seen together and happy with each other. They epitomize my idea of true love and we are learning how to love our spouses from them’’.’’The man is blind and the woman dumb and autistic. We neighbours have never seen them quarrel with each other. You need to see how happy they live as if all is well with them,’’Folake further hinted.
Omotola, a neighbor spoke on how the couple communicate with each other, do the cooking and other household chores. She said:’ two of them go to the market together to buy foodstuffs. The wife in her condition does the cooking and every other domestic chore with assistance from her husband. Though dumb she always tries to mutter out words. Most of the time no one else understands her except the husband because she does it incoherently.
Mrs Owoyemi with their baby-boy Michael.
Blind Mr.Sunday Owoyemi