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Womenfolk Got A voice Across the Globe As 'Divas Rock Concert' Ends In Lagos,Nigeria.

Music  sensation Salt ‘N’Pepa is undoubtedly the group that changed the face of hip-hop. The duo also gave the womenfolk across the globe a voice within their communities and the music industry as a whole.
For the first time ever on the African continent, this iconic group that revolutionized, like none other , the hip-hop scene rocked the city of Lagos ,Wednesday May 1,when they performed at Rodizzo Entertainment Company’s ‘’Divas Rock Concert”.
This concert was one of its kind as it featured only female artistes. Nigeria’s vivacious Sasha -P,sexy Eva,talented Weird MC,and captivating Ms Jaie all rocked the house.

Nigeria's vivacious Sasha-P, sexy Eva  and talented Ms.Jaie,during theconcert organized by Rodizzo 

Nigeria's ''Alternative Soul'' Artiste, Bez, At BBC'S Africa 

Bez,doing what he is always passionate of.


Nigeria’s alternative soul  artiste, Bez,is one of the stars of the BBC’S weekly music series: ‘’Africa Beats’’. He appeared on Friday, May 17,2013 edition of the weekly eight-part series which showcases the continent’s  best up-and-coming musical talents to the BBC’s global,audience on TV,radio and online programs.
Just like others appearing on Africa Beats,Bez was asked to perform a song which is close to his heart, and through which he could reflect on his musical influences, motivations, and aspirations. Bez brought to BBC’S global audience ‘’Zuciya’’(Heart)-a song in which a young lover promises his beloved to make her happy  and asking her to put her trust in him, despite pressures and influences. ‘’Let’s give our whole heart to what we do’’. That’s how Bez sees his song’s message.
Speaking about his music style-‘’acoustic soul’’,Bez said that the initial attitude to it in Nigeria where people feel more at home home with hip-hop and Afro-Pop was that it couldn’t sell.
‘’We kept on pushing and doing a lot of works ,and a lot of people started seeing that people can relate to it, and people can love it. A lot of people are doing it and I think I have been like a forerunner for this’’
Bez grew up around music. He remembered how he would sit in front of their radio, then his father would hit the record button and he would play the guitar, and his mother would back him up, and they would all sing .’’He really influenced me ,and taught me how to play the guitar when I was 9-10,and I grew up from there’’
BBC Africa Senior Producer, Catherine Fellows, comments : ‘’All the musicians featured in the new  Africa Beats Series are originals who are conscious about where thy are going and where they are coming from, where they are going ,and their influence in the world’’.
Africa Beats is broadcast on BBC News TV, including ’’ Focus On Africa TV’ ’program, every Friday until June7,and is available on demand on .Radio interviews are also broadcast on BBC World Services flagship daily radio program for Africa, ‘Focus On Africa’’.

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