How comes knowledge? Where does knowledge come from ? When does knowledge come? What is knowledge ?All these are questions people ask concerning knowledge.Beginning with the last question,let us attempt what maybe taken as definition or definitions of knowledge.

      The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary defined it as ;the information,understanding,and skills you gain through education,or experience. Even the ideas one has also constitute the knowledge he or she has.In essence,a picture, an impression in your mind of what something or somebody is like,could be part of knowledge.

      There are two ways to knowledge acquisition. And they include:
  • Information :This is described as facts or details about something or somebody. You know it because you were informed. Somebody told you about it.Therefore,it can't be untrue to say that knowledge begins with information.It is the foundation for knowing anything on the earth. Information gathering could either be formal or informal such as;news or tips from the media,classroom ,or personal experience.
Experience or Eye Witness Account :You got to know it because you saw it.Things you saw or witnessed are part of the knowledge you have. 


Marking this year’s World Health Day in Nigeria with the theme “High Blood Pressure”(HBP),the Nigerian Medical Association disclosed  that a staggering fifty- six million Nigerian people suffer from high blood pressure (HBP). This is based on the statistics carried out by World Health Organization (WHO) which said that one out of every three persons around the globe  has hypertension, a situation  which the world body said is deadly to the survival of mankind.
This figure, is ten times higher than what was obtained in the last 23 years. In July, 1993,the then health secretary,Dr. Christopher Okogie through the Federal Ministry of Health gave the report that 5.5 million Nigerians are already hypertensive.
On the issue of level of awareness among the people concerning the menace of hypertension, the populace seems not to be mindful of their blood pressure status. Few people who were interviewed in the streets, said that they hardly remember going to  clinics to or laboratory to checks their blood pressure status .
A Co-coordinator of an Ngo, Diabetes and Hypertension Help Organization, Mrs. Ada cautioned that people should try to know their BP status early in order to live in good health and prevent avoidable health risks such as hypertension.
High blood pressure hypertension is a killer disease that is always associated with other health risk including stroke, kidney failure, paralysis,coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest and untimely death. Presenting the theme NMA President Dr.Osahon Onabulele,said that that high blood pressure  presents with no  specific symptoms initially unless accidentally picked or when complications ensue. He also said that the disease is preventable and for those who have already gone hypertensive should know that there are various drugs available for the treatment of high blood pressure. People should consult their doctor as at when due.
The disease is diagnosed by a simple non-invasive outpatient procedure that could be done anywhere and anytime using the sphygmomanometer.
Also speaking, Dr. Benard Unadike of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu revealed that there are two main categories of high blood pressure cases, which include primary and secondary high blood pressure. According to the consultant, primary high blood pressure has no known causes, and

the victim would remain on routine drugs for life. While secondary high blood pressure could have known causes which had always included such health risks as obesity, diabetes mellitus, reckless salt intake, excess alcoholic drinks, cholesterols and high volumes of calories.
Dr. Unadike confirmed that people living in the urban areas tend to suffer HBP more than those in the rural areas. Management and control of high blood conclude physical exercises, reduced salt intake, avoidance of excessive alcohol intake, imbibing low calorie diets and low cholesterols, as well as undergoing routine or periodical medical check-ups.

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  1. There should be more awareness-raising by the people and the government,to save this dreaded situation.Let all hands be on deck to save humankind.