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What Could Make A 9-Year-Old Boy Commit Suicide ?

The mysterious death of a Nine Year – Old Minor whose name was given as Henry Goodnews who allegedly committed Suicide by hanging self with a belt has thrown residents of Tudun – Wada, in Jos North local government area of Pleateau State, Nigeria into confusion.
            Family members and people in the neighbourhood are still wondering what could make a nine – year old juvenile hang himself to death. Until his death, Henry was a primary 1 pupil of a private school in Tundun – Wada Jos, where he lived with his own mother, Mrs. Hannatu Goodnews.
According to an impeacable source the incident which created a lot of hysteria and agony among the people occurred at about 11:am Nigeria time, on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 when the deceased’s parents both has gone out.Henry’s body was seen dangling from a belt joined to rope descending from the ceiling.
            The mother of the deceased, Hannatu who is yet to recover from the shock said that the incident is still like a dream to her. “Henry was hale and hearty when I left home. I took his younger brother to the hospital this morning because of his illness. Before I left, I told him to do some minor domestic work he
could handle, Mrs. Goodnews narrated with agony.


It was precisely at White House Farm Center in Morpeth, Northumberland. The strange birth took place on Sunday, march 31, 2013. When the mother sheep delivered three lambs, but one was found with five legs fully formed. The lamb was named Quinto by a staff of the farm center.

According to manager Heather Hogarty, a vet was due to access Quinto and a decision made whether or not to amputate her eXtra leg. Quinto has become one of the star attractions at the farm,which also features Ilamas, Wallabies and Meerkats. Hogarty who has run the farm’s visitors center for 16 years said: “ we've never come  across anything like this before and neither has anyone we"ve spoken to. Quinto is doing absolutely fine at the moment, she confirmed.

The lamb,Quinto being attended to at the farm



A medical doctor who worked on French adventure reality TV show, Koh Lanta, has killed himself in Cambodia after one of the programme’s contestants died.
In a suicide note, Thierry Costa, 38, said his name had been “sullied by the media” over the death of Gerald Babin in a week ago. Mr. Babin had a cardiac attack during filming on the Island of Koh Rong. Some media reports had criticized Dr. Costa, saying he had taken too much time to treat the 27-year-old adventurist. The deceased had complained of cramps on the first day of filming on the southern Cambodian Island on 22 March.
Reliable source revealed that Dr. Costa administered emergency care before Mr. Babin was airlifted to a mainland hospital where he died. The show’s producers, Adventure Line Productions confirmed that Dr. Costa killed himself in a hotel in Cambodia on Monday, leaving a “suicide note.”
In the note, Dr. Costa wrote that the accusations leveled against him had been unfair”. He continued “I am sure that I treated Gerald in a respectable manner, as patient and not as a contestant.
Even though, I regret this end. I also acted in conformity with the “Hippocratic Oath”. The doctor added that “having to reconstruct his destroyed reputation would be unbearable”. He asked for his body to be cremated in Cambodia, without ever going back to France.
Broadcaster TFI announced last week it would axe the popular show described as  France’s version of “Survivors’, in response to Costa’s death. The tragic event has to encourage those who accuse and comment without proper judgment to exercise responsibility.” Also commenting, the head of TFI, Nonce Paolini described Dr Costa’s death as a tragedy. “The authors of the anonymous comments about the circumstances of  Gerald Babin’s death and those who spread them will have to face their conscience,” he said.


Bello Masaba, from a Niger State Nigeria, is a man with 86 wives and unnumbered  children and grand children. He was arraigned before a sharia court some time, in 2011, for being in possession of 86 wives, an act which contravened the sharia law which permits maximum of four wives. Bello Masaba was granted bail and was to be further prosecuted in another court of justice in the state. But the Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city ordered that his fundamental human rights be respected. Hence the bail for the weird polygamist.
The Speaker of the Niger state House of Assembly, Hon. Adamu Usman explained thus: “we realized that the application of Sharia Justice Law 2000 did not make room for cases like that. That is why these laws are being strengthened. I am happy to explain these things so that the people can appreciate the process we go through. It is not because the present government is weak or wicked. No, it’s   the legal framework. Democracy is all about the rule of law. 

Cut Off  From Civilization: Nigerian Communities Where Pregnant Women Are Pushed To Clinics In Wheelbarrows

Pregnant and sick Woman being pushed in a wheelbarrow to a  health center


At Ama-Nkanu and several other communities in Nkanu East local Government area of Enugu State, life is very barbaric and bestial. Up to this age pregnant women die during labor, the aged, as well as children suffers hell on earth all due to lack of access to basic health care and other essential amenities.
Forty-eight-years -old Thomas Ugwu,  a native of Ama-Nkanu said he couldn’t remember ever seeing a in since he was. “I’m already 48years old, but no vehicle has come to this community since I was born. In short we have been suffering for the better part of my life. When our pregnant women are on labour, we use wheelbarrows to push them to neighboring communities. Most of them die in the process.
Chairman of the local government, Pastor Sam Iyiogwe, who took some journalists on a trip to enable them feel sufferings of his people, said the Amankanu River has for long cut the people off from neighboring communities “ I remember in 2002 when I came here for the  first time. Then I wanted to contest for councillorship I trekked from Ubahu to this place, and got here by 6:00 am. When I crossed to this place; I was filled with sorrow and tears.
The people of Ama-Nkanu are not alone in this inhuman situation. The Iyaba River, the big river near  the local government headquarters in Amagunze has also cut off several other communities. A makeshift wooden bridge constructed by the natives serves as the only passage across the river. The chairman said “so, while we wait for the state government which has promised to intervene in the construction of the Iyaba Bridge, the council has decided to kick-start the job because communities are trapped in there”


27-Year-  old Logan Bunn from lowa, will have one incredible story to tell, after recovering from the grave injuries he got, when a tree he used for shooting target fired back at him. Logan shot the tree, and the shot boomeranged back to him. The Allamakee country sheriff’s office which confirmed the incident said that it happened at about 4:30am, Sunday morning
Last month, an Illinois man was killed when a tree he was attempting to cut down fell upon him, causing his untimely death.  Also, on Christmas Day 2012 an Houston man was killed when he was attempting to clear a fallen tree from the street outside his home. During the removal effort another tree fell on him, and he died at the spot.

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